Agnostoskop P15-2


Presentation vs Credibility – scientific palm scanner or interactive art installation?

At a first glance the Agnostoskop P15-2 is a new scientific palm scanner to visualize an exceptional species of microbes by using a special nutrient fluid and a new analyzing technique. These organisms live on the palms of our hands and are unique and distinct for each person – like a fingerprint. Scientists assume a correlation to the lines on our hands, though nothing particular is known yet.


Diving deeper into the concept, the product reveals itself as an art installation drawing attention to developements in society, i.e. excessive faith in technology or blind trust in well performed presentation. At the same time the underlying ideas are based on techniques already in use by large corporations (PalmScanning) and on new scientific discoveries: People leave behind a unique „cloud of microbes“ which is, in fact, as distinct as a fingerprint.


The installation has been showcased – or better: presented in credible manner – at the Werkschau of Hochschule Augsburg as well as the media art festival Lab30.

Generative Art based on infrared data

An infrared camera delivers data of the scanned hand which is then used by a custom software written in Processing to generate individual „microbes“. A sheet of Agar Agar (typically used as a breeding ground for micro-organisms) creates the perfect look and feel of a scientific machine.


More information about the scientific and social background of the project as well as the technical functionality can be found on





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