Tactile Light

Nord Stadtwerke

Innovative marketing targeted at students

In collaboration with the energy supply company Nord Stadtwerke we developed a concept for an innovative out-of-the-box marketing campaign. The aim was to increase brand awareness among students. In order to achieve high acceptance in the target group, advertising should not be intrusive but playful and a multisensory experience.

Transforming light into a tangible experience

Based on the briefing we developed a guerrilla marketing campaign combined with an interactive installation which can be quickly installed and dismantled. Based on the idea of ​​making the use of electricity – light – accessible and visible through an installation in urban space. Interactive elements are intended to involve the potential customers and make them an active and important part of the marketing campaign. They choose to take action and engage with the marketing measure on their own initiative.

Light-sensitivity is only the beginning

The installation can be triggered by any kind of light input (mobile phones, lighters, etc.) and from any side and cube. Because every cube has 4 light sensors built in, they can be stacked and arranged in every possible way. To vary and extend the concept cubes with „special“ functions i.e. color change or repeated flashing could be introduced.

Maximizing reach

To significantly increase the reach beyond the urban area the installation is taking place, the marketing initiative should additionally be captured and documented in video, photos and distributed via social networks and blogs.


Team: Franziska Pöttger, Tobias Möckel, Philipp Kübler





Concept, Installation